About Us

We Do Cool Stuff

PMD is a locally owned boutique sized agency that specializes in creative, rock solid web design, custom web development, graphic design, and digital marketing. Since 2003, our full time staff have been providing local clients with nothing but quality work on time and within budget. Each and every project handed to our team presents an amazing opportunity to help a local brand up their game, reach their goals, and expand their potential on the web. We’re ready to transform your brand with quality web design and digital marketing.

Team Facts

  • 50% of us have young children at home
  • 100% of us still consider Pluto a planet
  • 33% are hot sauce freaks
  • 1 of our families cooks the best Chinese food in Peterborough
  • 100% of us can confirm the previous fact
  • 3 of us are millenials
  • 2 of us have skied the Big 3
  • 90% of team lunches somehow involve bacon
  • None of us have rolled up the rim successfully this year
  • 33% of us own 100 year old homes